25 Twitter Do’s and Don’t’s for Businesses

Jemully Media twitter dos and donts

Your Twitter account represents your business; it’s a part of your brand. I’ve been on Twitter for several years managing various client accounts and it’s easy to see who knows what they’re doing and who doesn’t. Like it or not, a business that displays a degree of social media acumen is a business that gains trust in the eyes of consumers.

If you want your business to be well-represented on social media (and why wouldn’t you?), it’s important to know what you’re doing. Here are 25 Twitter do’s and don’t’s for business.

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10 SEO Techniques (You Needed Yesterday)

10 SEO techniques (you needed yesterday)

I see you working incredibly hard to keep your social media updated and to have the most beautiful website. How come you still aren’t seeing any major results? Sadly, if you’re not steadily improving your SEO (Search engine optimization), it could all be for nothing.

When people search for a company like yours in their browser, you need to be one of those first results. Otherwise, your website will be greatly overlooked.  Employing SEO techniques is one of the most powerful tools any and every business can use to increase web trafficContinue reading

New Holiday Family Traditions!

Family traditions are important. They make up a big part of what we hold onto as we grow older. Family traditions come in all shapes and sizes, and can be seasonally specific, or not. Holidays are meant to be celebratory, but if for some reason yours have been feeling stale or otherwise lacking, try instituting some new traditions. The variety will spice up your family’s holiday and either give you something to look forward to each year, or something to ditch in favor of yet more new holiday family traditions!

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Tips for a Simple Business Plan

simple business plan feature

In most things, we like to follow Henry David Thoreau’s advice to simplify, simplify, simplify. His advice is perfect for creating a simple business plan.

We like simple.  You don’t have to have your MBA to write a compelling yet simple business plan. You need a vision, and you might need to do a little market research. But if you are starting or running a business, you likely already do these things. Get it down on paper, and your whole company will benefit.

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10 Lessons for Online Marketing from our Friends on FRIENDS

10 Online Marketing Lessons from our Friends on FRIENDS

“So no one told you life was going to be this way (clap clap clap clap)
Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA…”

America’s favorite FRIENDS, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe, have some valuable lessons for us when it comes to the world of content marketing or business blogging. So if you feel like your company’s online presence is always stuck in second gear, then read on. We’ll be there for you.Continue reading