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Cleared for Takeoff: Jemully Goes Wheels Up on Airport Website

Abilene Regional Airport went live with its new website on Tuesday, Jan. 15, making available a selection of new features not previously available to local air passengers accessing the former website.

Airport Marketing and Development Manager Kate Alvarez, the client representative who contracted with site developer Jemully Media, sought a mobile-friendly approach. Using fresh graphics and streamlined navigation, Kate’s goal was to serve up a fuller array of services, information, and benefits.

The website, found at, is a secure site and accomplished the mobile-friendly goal. In addition, passengers and visitors who are on-the-go have ready access to all the site’s features.

Good Afternoon and Welcome Aboard…

It’s a happy, welcoming feeling that the website projects. The site, in its new iteration, is intended to serve more than just the airport itself. Content on the site also celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of Abilene and the Big Country. Similarly, many of the area’s resources, facilities, events, travel opportunities, and community spirit are highlighted.

As before, the site carries flight information and links to car rentals, passenger services, airport tenants, airport directions, and other aids. The new version adds such features as weather alerts that impact flights at “ABI” and an expanded treatment of the airport’s VIP Rewards program.

Your Flight Crew Today is…

Jemully Media staff was happy to be the team to get the airport’s website off the ground.

“We’re excited about the launch of the new site, which employs better graphics and content and also functionality that was not available on the previous website,” said Kit Mullins, owner of Jemully Media LLC, the Abilene-based digital marketing agency that created the new site. “For many people visiting Abilene for the first time, the airport’s website could be the city’s opportunity to make a good first impression.

“The airport’s Kate Alvarez was one of my favorite clients to work with, ever,” Mullins added. “She is gracious, professional, and organized, and she has a heart to serve the community and Abilene visitors. Kate ensured that the site’s content reaches and addresses multiple audiences for the airport. And with the site’s mobile friendliness, fliers will find it easy to find what they need, whether they are at home on their desktop or en route on their mobile device.”

Jemully Media has done websites and web development for more than 100 clients over its eight years of existence.

“During our first year, we would have been a bit stretched to deliver a site of this sophistication and functionality,” Mullins said. “But now, with our experienced staff, we compete with bigger shops in bigger markets. Our Abilene-based work has won us clients from across the nation.”

You are Now Free to Move About the Website…

And here is your live link to it:

Meanwhile, we’ll be passing over some points of interest. These would be other clients of Jemully Media. We give you a partial list.

Besides such local (Abilene-based) clients as Cadco Engineering, Integrity Wireline, VFW’s Southern Conference, and the Carl Spain Center at ACU, Jemully Media has created sites for law firms Wagstaff LLP and McMahan Surovik Suttle PC. Other, more wide-ranging clients include Yaggi Engineering in Arlington, Texas; Heritage Christian College Foundation in Frisco, Texas; Simply Essentials in Iowa.; and Scott O’Hara Consulting in Martinez, Calif.

Besides web development, the company concentrates on content marketing, social media management, consulting and digital marketing strategy. They are headquartered on the fourth floor of the Compass Bank Building, downtown at Third and Cypress, in Abilene, Texas.

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