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Jemully Guest Post Guidelines

Some FAQs // Considerations // Do's & Don't's

Hi Friends!

First, we want to express our appreciation in your interest in writing a guest post for Jemully Media. We’re happy to give you some answers to your guest blogging questions. For your benefit, please take time to read these guidelines to the end so as to be afforded the best chance for getting your post published on Jemully. And, for additional information, see also our FAQs page on this subject.

In These GUEST POST Guidelines

Jemully Media's Domain Authority and Traffic

During this quarter, Jemully Media averaged more than 7,000 visitors a month – approximately 6,800 of those were organic visitors. Of course, we realize that a lot of people would like to get in front of our audience. So, we have opened our blog to guest post contributors. However, for your benefit and for ours, we are not able to publish content free of charge.
Jemully Monthly Site Traffic
Jemully Monthly Site Traffic as of September, 2022.


Rates as of Summer 2022


These rates are based on Jemully’s traffic and domain authority. As Jemully’s traffic and domain authority increases, the publishing fee increases accordingly for new entrants. However, as a gesture toward starting a partnership that is mutually beneficial, we will maintain your per-post publication fee at the rate that was assessed at the time of your initial post. So, start early and lock in your publication rate!

  • A professional edit of your post
  • Search engine optimization of your post
  • A featured image to appear at the top of your post
  • Promotion of your post on Jemully’s social media accounts
  • Coverage in the Jemully Media newsletter
We are looking for those authors and designers who have exceptional skills and would like to share their expertise with a focused audience of small- to medium-sized business owners and managers.

Please read through our guidelines (below) as these will answer most of your questions regarding guest blogging for Jemully Media.

Small- to mid-sized business owners, managers, and staff. We reach across all industries and business interests.

  • Content must be unique (not published elsewhere – we check for duplicate content)
  • Content must not be in competition with Jemully’s own services
  • Analysis, when it is offered, should be data-driven. However, we are not opposed to anecdotal or speculative content.
  • Comprehensive treatment of the subject
  • Business-related, or just entertaining
  • Any relationships or partnerships the author may have with entities that are cited, quoted, or linked-to in the article must be fully disclosed when the material is submitted
  • Avoidance of self-promotion
  • Sources are cited, with the author citing the original source, and not merely citing an article that mentions the original source. 

GUEST POST Topics / Categories to Consider

Here's a broad view of categories that interest our readers
(but you are not limited to these topics):

Some Guest Post Do's and Don't's


In the first place, present original ideas and compelling arguments with professional-quality writing.


Next, maintain Jemully Media’s writing tone. Our voice is casual, yet informative and entertaining. We prefer to stay away from jargon unless it is explained to the reader.


As a reminder, attribute all cited material by providing the source of quotations and data (current data within the last two years).


In addition, give actionable takeaways with tangible recommendations.


With quality in mind, give thorough treatment to a subject. We prefer articles to be 1,200 words or more.


Then, include original graphics when possible.


Because everyone loves a good laugh, feel free to use humor! (As long as it is not inappropriate.) 😄


Remember, don’t submit content that can be construed as a link-building scheme.


By all means, do not be offensive, use foul language of any kind, or be inaccurate.


In addition, do not submit an article that has been (or is, or will be ) published elsewhere. We only publish unique, original content.


Finally, please do not be self-promoting nor put more than two links to your company’s website in the post.

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Other Guest Post Details

  • Quality Standards – In short, guest post submissions must meet the quality standards of Jemully Media’s editors. Our editors reserve the right to reject contributions at their discretion.
  • Not Published Elsewhere – Additionally, because of our standard of publishing only unique content, we cannot allow you to republish your guest post to your own blog or social media. However, we do encourage you to share (and hope you will share) the link to your post on Jemully’s site.
  • Editing Rights – Remember, Jemully Media’s editors reserve the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit, as well as update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
  • Calls-to-Action – Subsequently, Jemully Media’s editors reserve the right to include calls-to-action to Jemully’s content and services, as appropriate. Furthermore, Jemully might also add internal links to other content already posted on Jemully’s site.
  • Removal – In rare instances, contributed guest posts may be removed from the blog and the URL may be recycled.
  • Marketing – To conclude, Jemully’s marketing team reserves the right to use the guest blog author’s likeness across our content as we see fit, including but not limited to our social media channels. (This will also serve your post better!)

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