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Guest Blogging on Jemully


The Who, What, When, Where, and Why's of Guest Blogging

guest Blogging FAQs & Guidelines

Want the low-down on getting a blog published on Jemully Media? First, get the basics from the Guidelines page. Then, we invite you to read on to get more detailed answers to our most common guest blogging FAQS.

In the Guidelines you will find:


For quality assurance, each published post goes through a five-step review process to make sure the article is a good fit for the Jemully platform.

  1. Review Team will accept or reject your article:
    • If rejected, you will be given a general reply as to the reason your post was rejected.
    • If accepted, you will be sent an invoice for the publication fee.
  2. After receipt of the publication fee, your post will be sent to the editorial team for edits and on-page SEO.
  3. Then your post will be sent to the design team for layout on the site and creation/placement of the post’s featured image.
  4. Finally, your post will be scheduled for publication.
  1. Submission Confirmation
    Upon submission of your post, you will receive a confirmation email that we have received your article.
  2. Accepted or Rejected
    Then, the review team will determine if the article is suitable for the Jemully site and will notify you of their decision.
  3. Publication Fee Invoice
    If your article is accepted, you will receive an invoice for the publication fee.
  4. Confirmation of Payment & Advancing to the Editors Desk


  5. Scheduled for Publication
    Finally, when your article is scheduled for publication, you will be notified.

No. Our editorial team only reviews completed articles.

Yes, but we only allow a bio for one of the contributors. The second author will be represented with a byline only.

Yes. You may include a link to ungated articles. 

Remember, do not include more than two links to pieces you’ve written or to your own company’s website. More than two links may cause us to consider the piece self-promotional. 

Contributing sources. You may include a link to one of these:
  • LinkedIn profile
  • A speaker bio
  • A blog author bio
You may not include links to social channels.

Jemully will promote all posts via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other relevant social platforms. All posts are also emailed to our list of newsletter subscribers.

  • Twitter – Tweet it out to your network. Feel free to mention @jemullymedia!
  • Facebook – Share it on Facebook and Jemully Media. @jemullymedia
  • Pinterest – Pin it on Pinterest. @jemullymedia
  • LinkedIn – Share a link to the article from your LinkedIn page. But please do not post the full article on LinkedIn. @jemullymedia
  • Respond to all comments to create conversation around your post. If you do, you’ll gain some new fans, plus you’ll automatically get alerted for future comments.
  • Newsletter – Share an update on LinkedIn from your personal profile home page.

While our audience is broad, our ideal readers are business professionals in the small to mid-sized  B2C organizations, B2B companies, and nonprofits. In addition to having the primary interest of business-related content, we are pretty sure that close to 100% of our readers have homes, families, and enjoy a few hobbies and special interests. So, our review team is accepting a fairly broad range of topics.

However, some of our most popular articles are a little off-beat and just good entertainment. So, give us a try!

It’s always more attractive to sound like yourself and not like a marketer. Aim for these characteristics:

  • Authoritative but not boastful
  • Approachable but not aimless
  • Informative but not scholarly
  • Quick-witted and relatable but not snarky
  • Entertaining but not tasteless

Follow the Jemully Guidelines. Provide at least one angle that is unique in the way it analyzes, educates, equips, or entertains the reader.

If your article contains one or more of these, it could be rejected:

  • It is duplicate content that has been published someplace else.
  • It is self-promotional.
  • It is a stand-alone infographic that is not part of a 1,000+ word article.
  • It does not educate, equip, or entertain.
  • It lacks a clear main point.
  • It is unclear what the reader should do with the information.
  • It is clearly link-bait.

Yes. For the most part, our readers appreciate posts about tools and technologies that help with all aspects of their lives, both professional and personal. Feel free to write detailed posts on how to use a particular technology, as long as it is not self-promotional. 

Posts can mention both free and/or paid tools under two conditions:

  • If you work for one of the tools/technology companies mentioned in the post, make sure that it’s just one of many tools mentioned.
  • All affiliations must be clearly disclosed in the article (for example: Are you a customer? Affiliate? Partner?)
We will clarify that tools are suggested by the author and not endorsed by the Jemully Media editorial team.

Yes!  Below are the requirements and recommendations.

If you include images, they must be:

  • Owned by you or licensed to you
  • High resolution
  • Have source attribution in your article document.

Recommended Image Properties:

  • Minimum Size:  512 x 512 pixels*
  • Maximum Size:  1920 x 1920 pixels*
  • Maximum Number of Files:  10
  • Maximum File Size:  2 megabytes per file
  • File Formats Accepted:  jpg (jpeg), png, gif, and zip

*Image does not have to be square.

  • Minimum Size: 512 x 512 pixels (recommended size 1024 x 1024 pixels)*
  • Maximum File Size: 2 megabytes
  • File Formats Accepted: jpg (jpeg), png, gif, and zip

*Image does not have to be square but will be displayed in a square format.

For your author bio, we recommend 60-90 words. 100 words is the maximum for the Jemully site.

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