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3 STEPS to submit a guest post


Before you submit a guest post, format your post appropriately.
  • Introduction – Always write an introduction
  • Length – We prefer articles in the 1,200-2,000 word range. Our readers seek useful information that they can apply to their business or personal lives more than they seek brevity. 
  • Simplicity – Write in such a way that readers find your content to be clear and simple. It is better to over-explain in simple terms than to present complex ideas in complex terms. 
  • Make Your Content Easy-to-Skim, Using…
    • Short Paragraphs
    • Sub-Headings – Help your reader by making your content skimmable. Each paragraph should aim to be three to five sentences long. Include section headings to guide the reader through your article. 
    • Bulleted & Numbered Lists – Lists concisely communicate your points and are easy to skim. 
    • Pull-quotes – Break up text with quotes from authoritative sources
  • Key Takeaways and Action Items – Indicate certain points for the reader that are “key takeaways” or “action items” – if applicable to the article.
  • Provide a Conclusion
  • Inclusions – If you include images, gifs, or screenshots, please cite the image source in this form: “Image source:” 
    • We do not accept images from free stock image sites
      • You may use images from wiki commons
      • You must include the link to the wiki commons page where you obtained the image(s)
    • You must own the license to the images you provide to Jemully Media and include the appropriate hyperlink to the page where you obtained the image.
Please use the form below.

Personal Information

Author Information

Please provide your bio in 100 words or less.
If you have a profile image you'd like to use, upload it here.

Article Information

Is your article a file to upload or a shared link?
Paste the shared file URL from Google Drive, Drobbox, OneDrive, or other cloud service. Make sure the shared file has editing permissions.
Select the file to upload. We accept Microsoft Word, plain text and zip files. Max file size is 2mb.
If you have any images to include, select them here for upload. Your images can be combined in a zip archive as well.


Maximum of 100 words please.
reCAPTCHA is required.
Was your article accepted?

After you submit a guest post, and, if your article aligns with our content standards and strategy, you will be notified that your post has been accepted. At that time, we will submit an invoice for Publication Fee in the amount stated in the
Guest Post Guidelines.

The Process following payment of the Publication Fee:
  • A Jemully editor will make a final pass on your post
  • The Jemully SEO team will optimize the content
  • A Jemully designer will select a featured image for your post (or use the one you offered, if it meets our requirements)
  • The article will be scheduled for publication
  • You will be notified
That process may take up to 2-4 weeks based on the needs of our editorial calendar.

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