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8 Social Media Tips

We love reading social media tips from other gurus, and since we have been at it for quite some time, we’re offering up some of our own. We have team members dedicated to the major (and a few minor) social media platforms; they keep up with new updates and the latest trends and they are ready to share some insight into social media for business.

So, from our team to yours, here are Jemully’s social media tips.

Social Media Tip #1

It’s easy to get sucked in to casual speak, abbreviations, and slang. There’s no rule about how formal you have to keep your social media; the only guiding rule is your brand personality and your target audience. And there is no sin in being clever, either.

social media tips - content & blogging


Social Media Tip #2

Don’t yell. For some reason, some people click the Caps Lock and the type a status like it’s no big deal. Learn the keyboard shortcuts for zooming in on a screen (usually Ctrl-+) if you need the letters to be larger to see. And one exclamation point does it’s job. You don’t need multiple exclamation points. On social media (and in emails, texts, etc) it’s considered yelling and people don’t like it.

social media tips - stop yelling!


Social Media Tip #3

In 2015, Facebook changed the way pure promotional content appears in news feeds because people wanted to see less ad content. Now, promoting your products and services means a combination of paid Facebook advertising and providing useful content encouraging your followers to engage and share.


Social media tip #3 Facebook


Social Media Tip #4

Twitter Chats has us Twitter-pated.

A Tweet Chat is a relatively new Twitter happening, and it’s the way to interact with other professionals in your field or related fields. It’s social media networking #likeaboss.

Read more about using Twitter Chats or get more Twitter tips on How to Use Twitter for Business.

social media - tweet chats


Social Media Tip #5

Pinterest is prime real estate for brands, especially if you sell goods online. People buy things directly from Pinterest. And not just a little bit. Sure, a lot of “window shopping” goes down, but so does a lot of actual shopping.

Social Media Tip #6

As it is with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so it is with Pinterest. If you’re looking for exposure on Pinterest, optimize by pinning smarter at the most valuable times.

social media tips - pinterest smarter


Social Media Tip #7

LinkedIn involvement has been growing (averages 2 new members per second) and the best part about it, is there isn’t a lot of fluff (source). It’s not a particularly social social media site. It is for professionals looking for professional connections.

The long and short? Complete your business profile: include your logo, quality photos, and quality content like you do in other social media sites.


 Social Media Tip #8

Don’t underestimate the power of fun or creativity. Creativity in a work environment can increase productivity and improve the way we feel about the jobs we do.

If there was a problem, yo, we’ll solve it (creatively).

 social media tips - 8 social media tips from the Jemully team so you can post #likeaboss. Also, we might quote Vanilla Ice.

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