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Social media growth is a hot topic among marketers, no doubt. Business owners from all kinds and sizes of companies are asking the question, how do we do it? Gurus are filling up the blogosphere with how-to’s and tips for social media growth. And now the ability to measure ROI for online marketing is growing, which simply makes it easier to validate.

While social media growth deals with more than simply gaining online followers, it is one important piece of the marketing strategy puzzle. Why? Because your business needs to be seen and heard. And we do it on the daily! Kicking pins and taking names! Sharing vids and posting game!

Check out the social media growth our clients experienced in 2014:


social media growth by Jemully Media


How Jemully earns such valuable social media growth for our clients:

  • We strategize the best approach to social media for each client. It’s not cookie-cutter content; it’s fresh and baked from scratch!
  • We manage numerous social media outlets per customer, letting them focus on their business.
  • We manage comments, questions and complaints to make sure our clients can respond promptly.
  • We customize a strategy for our clients that focuses on growing connections with people.

social media growth Jemully Media

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There are still numerous people (business owners and marketers, alike) that do not see the value of this type of marketing, particularly for small businesses. They say it isn’t worth the investment for a small business. But ho! That all depends on the strategy and the execution.

  • Brand following behavior in social sites doubled over the past two years. (Wishpond)
  • 50% of marketers see improved sales from social media. (Social Media Explorer)

With few exceptions, most small businesses can absolutely benefit in both the short and long-term from social media marketing. Simply paying someone to post about your business is indeed not an efficient use of funds or media. The difference between successful social media marketing strategies and ones that flop all has to do with making connections.

The holy grail of the digital marketing strategy is “virality.” But the goal of a digital business strategy is connection. One is shallow and fleeting; the other is deep and enduring.– Umar Haque, Harvard Business Review

Without connection, social media growth has no value, no longevity, and no ROI. Connection is what makes social media growth worth it. And you can take that to the bank.

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