Got Video? Jemully Media to the Rescue!

Venom. The Dark Phoenix. Loki. Green Goblin. Magneto. Lex Luthor. The Joker.

Villains. Supervillains, even, from the comic book world. These super-powered enemies are easier to spot than our nemeses in the business world. Since we’re not on the watch for Doctor Doom, what should small businesses watch out for in 2015? Hint: it has to do with custom videos.

The real danger is that your web presence will go unnoticed. Custom videos have been a huge deal for awhile now, and they are expected to be a major trend in 2015. Why? Because they are so darn effective. Online marketing needs video as much as Batman needs Robin.

Riddle Me This (video stats):

If your small business isn’t being seen or heard online, then why the Shrek not? Video is one of the best ways to improve your SEO, catch viewer attention, show what you’re about, and maintain relevance in this market.



Ways for Businesses to Be Seen and Be Heard in 2015:

  • You need a killer website.
  • You need to Hulk SMASH your SEO.
  • You need to be actively present in social media.
  • You need to post fresh blog content regularly.
  • You need to show (not tell) who you are. A custom video is a stellar way to do that.

Need help with any or all of this? Keep calm and call Jemully Media.

(It’s what Batman would do.)


Jemully Media to the rescue!

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