10 Steps To Goal Setting As Told By Leslie Knope

We are halfway through the year and the 2017 New Year’s Resolutions we made seem light-years away. However, in a business, goal setting and goal completion are a ongoing struggle. One of our Jemully finds this year was a productivity workbook called Your Best Year: 2017 by Lisa Jacobs. According to Jacobs, “By January 15, 95% of people who set New Year resolutions will have already given up on them”. We are determined to help you be a part of the 5%, not the 95%.

A few of the Jemullians have worked through this book and have found some useful tips about how to set goals and stick to them.  To keep us entertained, we brought in some “expert” advice from Leslie Knope, from the beloved show Parks And Recreation.

While goal-setting looks different for everyone, you may find yourself living in one of these 10 steps to goal-setting:

Step 1: The Preparation Phase


To begin, you must take time to write down logical and obtainable goals. These goals need to be specific. Your Best Year: 2017 asks detailed questions about what could hold you back from your goal, small changes you could make right away, and establishing a reasonable end date.

Step 2: The Confident Phase


After you set your goals, you are on a mission to complete them. While in the confident phase, you believe nothing could stand in your way of success.

“If you think you might be too obsessed about your goals, obsess more!” -Lisa Jacobs

Step 3: The So-Far-So-Good Phase


By Step 3, you are still feeling confident and sure of yourself. Tasks at work are starting to pile up, and that chocolate bar in your desk drawer is extra tempting. But you are hanging on to your dreams and decide to close the candy drawer once more.

Step 4: The Scary Phase


If you currently find yourself in step 4, it’s going to be okay. Call your best friend. Call your mom. Call whoever is going to calm you down. You have already started on the right path to achieve your goals. You are capable.

Step 5: The Realization Phase


By Step 5, the truth of having to change your way of life is really starting to hit you. While you still believe you can do it, you are starting to want to go back to your old ways. According to Your Best Year: 2017, it is good to set goals for every month that align with your yearly goals. This takes away from the stress and terror of looking at one large goal and feeling that it cannot be accomplished. One. Step. At. A. Time. 

Step 6: The Reality Phase


Kale isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Meal prep takes up time you don’t have. Creating priority to-do lists are next to impossible. Changing a lifestyle doesn’t come easily, but keep pushing forward. There is a reason you want to obtain these goals.

Step 7: The Half Way Point


After you get through this phase, you’ll begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“You will experience negative feelings along the way. They are quite natural. They are part of the process; trust that they will get easier to endure.” -Lisa Jacobs

Step 8: The Determination Phase


A routine starts to set in. You’re feeling fierce.

Jacobs is adamant about sticking to a routine that works for you personally. Copying someone else’s idea of a routine isn’t going to work. Find the best ways to energize you, maybe thats accomplishing a big task early in the morning or setting multiple smaller tasks to complete first thing. Find your best routine and then stick to it.

Step 9: The Inspired Phase


After you accomplish one of your major goals, and you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world. Take the momentum you have right now, keep going and accomplish more of your goals!

Step 10: Goal Achievement Phase


Take all the credit. YOU accomplished your goals all on your own. Be proud. 

Goal-setting isn’t easy, but you have the resources rooting for you! If you would like more motivation and a wonderful guide, we highly recommend Your Best Year: 2017 by Lisa Jacobs. Join the conversation with Jacobs and others on a goal-setting mission on social media with the hashtag #yby2017.

If you are looking for further reading that could help you in business and in life, then keep up with Jemully’s reading list here. We will be reading and reporting on most of them throughout the year. What are you reading? We want to know!


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