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Twitter Video Rollout

I think we have all been waiting for this one. It might even be worthy of a drum roll… Twitter recently rolled out its new capability, Twitter video. You can now shoot, edit, and post videos directly from your mobile Twitter application. This feature is long overdue, and we are so excited that it is finally here!

Twitter video allows users to capture up to 30 seconds worth of video, much like Instagram, and it is simple to use. Posting Twitter video works just like posting a photo, and if you use iOS, you can post videos you have already shot.

Twitter video is more efficient than the previous option of posting via an external link, like Youtube or Vine. That is so 2014, y’all! This new facet expands the variety of opportunities for businesses trying to reach their current and potential customers through Twitter.

Video is a powerful tool for advertising, which has most recently been proven on Facebook. Facebook videos are viewed on average more than one billion times a day (Tech Crunch). That is sometimes more than Youtube. Since people typically tweet more than they post on Facebook, the expectations for Twitter video are astronomical. When asked about the impact of Twitter video, our beloved Twitter specialist at Jemully Media said:

Videos are automatically more engaging. They are more memorable. Increased engagement and increased recall are just the tip of the iceberg for video potential on Twitter. –Corrie Baker

We are definitely excited to see how Twitter video will change social media interactions and engagement for our clients. New opportunities for creativity are always welcome!

Twitter Video & ROI

So for you business-minded folks, you might be wondering how much paid advertising will cost. Shea Bennett, a writer for Social Times on commented on the cost of advertising with Twitter video by saying,

“But crucially, video ads on Twitter are comparatively very inexpensive compared to other social platforms- about two cents per view compared to upwards of one dollar elsewhere. Hence, auto playing video ads could be very attractive for brands and are expected to be lucrative for Twitter.”

This is great news for agencies and clients alike because it means lower costs and a higher ROI. Mobile capabilities are absolutely essential for mass brand marketing, so Twitter video will fit right in with the best of them AND possibly start new trends no one has even thought about, yet.

By the end of 2014, over 20% of videos were viewed on mobile devices, according to Forbes, and Twitter video will no doubt be a driving force in increasing this percentage considerably in 2015. Why is this a big deal? Twitter video gives us one more venue for highlighting our brands via the medium that continually proves to be most engaging and most influential among consumers. Twitter hopped on the lucrative video band-wagon. Savvy businesses will do the same.

What else is new?

Twitter also recently made it possible to send direct messages to several people at the same time. They don’t have to follow each other to be included, either. A good move, if you ask me. Twitter networking just bumped up to a whole new level!

Here’s our first Twitter video. Can you say, Whoo?

What’s your favorite way to promote your business via Twitter video?

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