10 Low-cost Business Ideas for Small Towns

When thinking about small towns, the ability to work and shop local are very appealing and important qualities, but they can be difficult to find. We want Merkel to be the very best it can be, and new business development is a great way to improve our beloved small, West Texas town. Some headway has already been made in that direction, and we are nothing short of ecstatic for that.

Most of these low-cost business ideas are easy to implement from home, and they don’t require an overwhelming amount of tools or inventory to carry out. So many people are looking for ways to bring in extra income or ways to capitalize on their favorite hobbies. We hope this list will add a little fuel to the fire.

Top 10 Low-cost Business Ideas for Small Towns

1. Painting Service – Many buildings and houses in Merkel could use a fresh coat of paint, so this kind of work is in high demand right now. Painting is a relatively easy skill to teach and learn, and it is a business that could become mobilized, too. Also keep in mind that a painting business pays for itself: part of the money earned will pay for the minimal supplies needed, which is very efficient.

2. Professional Cleaning Service – Whether it be for commercial or residential purposes, cleaning is time-consuming and often seen as a hassle, so there is a high demand for this service. Much like option number one, a cleaning service would be able to quickly pay for its necessary supplies.

3. Tutoring Service – A tutoring service is an excellent business opportunity that could provide multiple benefits to the city of Merkel. Students who need help could get it; other students who need a job could have one and gain teaching experience. Plus, it is a business that could easily expand. The best part is that this is an especially easy business to start: it can be done at the school or any number of places, and the kids more than likely will already have the supplies needed. So there are practically no startup costs!

4. Bookkeeping Business – Doing your taxes can be stressful, difficult, and tedious. Droves of people hire a professional to help with this work every year. As long as you have a working computer and the right software, this is a great option for an easy start up business. Many businesses hire out for bookkeepers, so the potential for freelancing from home (even remotely) is high. Brush up your knowledge and skills with an accounting course or two, if you need to.

5. Financial Advising – The majority of financial advising is given through independent advisors. Managing finances is something that many people struggle with, so they are willing to pay a professional to explain things like retirement options, savings plans, and investment. This is definitely one field where experience and education are required. Experience in accounting, insurance, law, and/or banking are helpful.

6. Eldercare -There are many elderly in need of these kinds of services all over the West Texas area. This kind of service is typically done in the home of the elder. There are some certification fees, but other than that, all you need is a working vehicle, some knowledge about the individuals you will care for, and a kind heart.

7. Professional Organizers – Professional organization is a less common business for small towns, but it is also very underrated. This service could go either commercial, residential, or both. It is an excellent resource for increasing efficiency and decreasing stress, and it is useful to all age groups. Many find organizing to be daunting and laborious, but for those who have a knack for putting everything in its place this could be the perfect fit. Having a computer would be ideal for this business start up, but after that, customers are really paying for your help, your time, and their own supplies.

8. Interior Designer/Decorator – With new businesses coming in and current businesses getting a face-lift, Merkel could definitely benefit from these skilled professionals. Many decorators work remotely, and commuting around the Texas Big Country would be a fantastic opportunity to bring more recognition to Merkel. Interior designers must be registered with the state of Texas, so registering, creating a portfolio, and purchasing the standard software are the main expenses. If you already have a home computer, overhead for this startup can usually be done for $1,500 or less.

9. Gift Basket Service – While this may sound like a small, possibly random kind of business, there is a surprising amount of demand for gift baskets because of how creative one can get with them. They can be given for all kinds of different occasions, they can be made to be very unique and specific to each receiver, and they are simple to make. And who doesn’t love a good gift basket? As far as start up costs go, this one will cost a bit more up front, but you will pay yourself back – and a few times over – for your supply costs. A gift basket service is also a great option for anyone looking for part-time work or secondary income.

10. Child Care – findng a safe, comfortable, and enriching place to take children on the weekdays is a common problem for many parents. Merkel could use a business like this, since it would fill a persistent need. There are some safety standards you’ll need to meet, and certifications as well, but if you decide to run a daycare out of your home, the startup costs are low.

So there you have it. We can see any and all of these businesses having a place in our beloved Merkel. And although these are all low-cost startup ideas, it’s true what they say: it does take money to make money. Remember to do your research to find any required licenses and certifications, as well as creative solutions to common challenges in whichever field you’d like to join.

What kind of business can you see yourself starting?

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