3 Steps to Success with Jemully Media.

3-Step Plan & Pricing (The works!)


Get a Website That Draws People As They Search For Your Stuff.   Your business site must be a  source of answers.  People use the Internet to ask questions about what they are interested in. You can answer or your competition can as potential customers search for your products on their computers, tablets, and mobile phones.  Your website must be easy to update, and equipped with all the tools for blogging, SEO, and social media.


Get More People to Know Your Stuff and Like Your Stuff.  Nearly 2/3′s of U.S. Internet users regularly use social media. So, get out there. Start blogging. Start sharing. Talk to people about things related to your products. Blog. Use Social Media. Blog interesting and informative content to set you apart from your competition. People will share what’s useful or entertaining. They will build your community for you and with you.


Find Out What is Working. Do More Of It.  Stop doing what’s not working.  Let your decisions be data-driven! Don’t guess about what brings customers to your site. SEO and Google Analytics are a must for your future online marketing. Data and analytics reports tell you: who visited your site, where they were from, and what brought them there.   Keep building on succes! (Don’t you wish all of life could be that clear?) 

Google Adwords brings clickers to your site.

According to Google:

“The goal of PPC advertising is not to drive the largest amount of traffic to your site. Instead, the goal of Pay-Per-Click is to drive the largest number of targeted and qualified traffic to your site that converts to customers!”

Jemully Media encourages:
Reach those people who are actively searching for what you offer – at the precise time they are searching for it – by adding Google Adwords to your marketing strategy! 

We’re certified in Google Adwords.

Google Analytics is vital to the success of your web business.

Google says:

“Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.”

Jemully Media explains:
Find out what works for your site – and what doesn’t – so you know which actions to take next! You can target the best performing keywords, best referring websites, best social media networks and best landing pages to meet your business goals. 

We’re certified in Google Analytics.

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