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We are a digital public relations agency based in Abilene, Texas. We stay connected every day. We stay on top of the marketing trends. You will benefit from our team's combined education, experience, and continual learning. Each member of the Jemully team participates in regular brainstorming sessions that develop the ongoing online marketing strategy for your business. We love to work with clients like you to boost your business, help you make more money, and save you time.

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Passion leads to ideas. Ideas lead to performance. Performance leads to success!

Jemully Media – Digital Agency

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"Ideas to grow on. Images to spark on. Intelligence to rely on." We believe our knowledge and skills will not only make you smile, but will help your business flourish. ~ Kit Mullins, Jemully Media


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Our Services

Our team of creatives use know-how, experience, and a dash of zing to take your business message to your customers online!

Social Media Management

Our social experts build new connections with customers and help them to appreciate your products and feel at home with your business.

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Website Design & Development

Your website should be mobile first, easy to update, and stylish. We specialize in layout flair, photos that pop, and words that add pizzazz.

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Business Blogging

Give us your digital blank pages and we will tell your story. Let us share how your service and values make your company stand above your competition.

Start a Business Blog


Our Search Engine Optimization expertise means you don’t need to play hide-and-seek with click-and-search. We help Google, Bing, and even Facebook fans find your content.

Online Newsletters

Email? Yep. It’s alive and serving a vital partnering role with business blogging and your social media efforts. Email newsletters are still a great lead capture tool.


We know presentations! We use programs such as PowerPoint and Prezi to captivate audiences. Don’t worry if this seems out of your league. It is our league.

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising will expand the reach of your network. Jemully will help you strategically place your web ads on Google and Facebook.

Content Generation

We know you have a lot to say, but if you’re not sure how, Jemully can help. We will help you keep your site content fresh, be it one time or as often as you like.

Video & Photography

Video is the future, and the future is now. Jemully can create crisp video content and provide professional photography services for your business.

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Social media from cutout newspaper headlines pinned to a cork bulletin board

Social Media Management

Has your company gone social yet? Social media is becoming less mysterious to the business world as more and more folks are seeing the light. Simply being present in social media is half the battle, but being content with merely a presence may be selling yourself short.

It’s true that there’s a bit of a learning curve to social media, but countless business have learned enough to know they need to be in on the action. Learning the language, or bringing in a native speaker, can make a huge difference for your business. For example, a restaurant’s target market may be best served by a different strategy and collection of social platforms than that of a law firm. Ultimately, attentive social media management is still a tool for reaching your target audience, no longer just something the kids are doing these days. Social media can be used to supplement your more traditional marketing and branding efforts.

Our team of social media experts will help determine the right course of action for your brand. Jemully’s philosophy is that great social media inspires, entertains, and educates. We will build connections with potential customers and grow your brand recognition. Accomplishing these goals means disciplined content marketing and growth hacking. Growth hacking is the process of growing your social media following at a faster-than-normal rate. Developing a substantial following can take time, time that not every company has. Growth hacking represents an opportunity to compress that normal growth timeline, and it is another service offered by Jemully Media.

You can choose your level of involvement. Whether you want us to manage the whole operation, supplement your in-house efforts, or just establish your account and hand if off, Jemully Media will set you up for success. Even if you think you’re too busy to get involved with social media, we can set up your accounts, manage them, and do it all the right way with minimal direction needed.

We can handle all of your social media needs, including any platform that will help your brand. The most common platforms we manage for our clients are:

Jemully Media have expertise in this field and a strong track record for helping businesses succeed through social media. We also have a wealth of blog articles (free to you!) specifically about succeeding in the social sphere.

Contact Jemully Media today, and learn how social media can benefit your business!

Key Points:

  • Jemully’s team can manage your social media accounts on any platform
  • Most popular platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Jemully can set up a new account for you or manage your existing one
  • Use social media to be inspirational, educational and entertaining
  • We can create appealing banner and profile images for you
  • Photography, and now video drive great social campaigns
  • We can use our own photography or find the perfect existing images to bolster your brand
  • Opportunities for cross promotion with our full network of clients

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Responsive Web Design Detailed on Blackboard

Website Design & Development

Website design has changed a lot over the last few years. Mobile devices are in everybody’s pocket, if not their hand, and the industry has become much more focused on the mobile market. What this means for websites is that pages often contain more information in order to reduce the need to load multiple pages, and navigation bars are being optimized for both the finger and the mouse. “Flat designs” have been in vogue in recent years, as they emphasize the scroll-able rather than the clickable. While the functionality is not greatly changed – just optimized for a multitude of devices – most websites created prior to the smart phone boom simply were not built to be mobile-friendly.

The mobile state of mind is all about convenience. If people are using their phones to access the internet on wi-fi, then their browsing experience will be improved by fewer clicks, less load time, less bandwidth needed, potentially less data used, etc. There are other benefits of going mobile-friendly but, we’ve already written about them. This is where website development is headed, and Jemully Media is adept at creating customized responsive sites. “Responsive” refers to a website’s ability to seamlessly adjust its content to fit whatever size screen it appears on.

Another key way in which website design has evolved is in the level of interactivity. There are many creative ways to incorporate photography, video and other multimedia content on your website. Such imagery and interactivity breathe life into your site and differentiate you from sites that don’t strike the appropriate balance. Storytelling can also be accomplished through such interactive content. In addition to business blogging, compelling and personal imagery are among the best ways to show your target audience who you are.

The hub of any business’s online presence has to be its website. The website is the hub because your website is the best way for customers (the ones who don’t already know you exist) to find you. Your site will also be capable of connecting all of your digital efforts; providing a handy place to feature not only all of your vital company information, but your storytelling, blogging, social media and anything else you want people to see. Having a Facebook Company Page is proactive, but it can’t come close to standing in for all that an effective website can do. The Google search has replaced the phone book, and your website is your listing. It grants your business a baseline legitimacy the same way print ads used to over a decade ago.

Facebook and other social media platforms are more about interactivity than advertising. The ability to integrate your social media efforts into your website adds to your site’s interactivity, improves the user experience, and extends your brand in a way that a mere Facebook Company Page is unable to do.

Jemully Media has a proven record of success in helping businesses of all sizes and budgets. We can help you establish a web presence tailored to your goals and vision. We may be the experts, but this is a collaborative process, and we will work with you to ensure you are happy with the end product. For a company just starting out, or one with a limited budget, websites can start small and be scaled up over time as your business grows. We can work with all budgets, and offer a few payment options for your convenience. Websites can be paid for in full or over the course of a year, in monthly installments.

Inquire with Jemully Media about a new custom website today.

Key Points:

  • Your website is the main hub of your online presence
  • Websites should be integrated with social media efforts
  • Websites are how companies are found by customers today
  • Websites should be optimized for both desktop and mobile users
  • Responsive websites are a must
  • Photography and video help tell your story
  • Websites can be made to fit any budget

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Business Blogging with Jemully Media

Business Blogging

A good blog keeps a company top-of-mind for potential customers. Keeping it flush with fresh content gives your audience a reason to keep coming back to your website, whether they need your products or services in that exact moment or not.

Good blogging can establish you as an expert and thought-leader, and stimulate interaction with your audience. It also has the happy side-effect of benefiting your SEO. Give Jemully Media’s professional writing team your blank digital pages and we will tell your story. An active blog is a high-mileage asset, as articles can be repurposed in your newsletters and social media efforts.

Why do we recommend a business blog?

Starting a company blog help you accomplish two main things: SEO and storytelling.

First, blogs can greatly benefit your SEO. Search engine crawlers index all the pages and links in your site on a regular basis. This indexing process allows the search engine to provide ranked results to search engine users. Ranking highly on those results pages is obviously better than being buried on the third page.

Blogging aides your SEO efforts in two key ways. Blog posts serve as landing pages, or pages that a Google searcher might find among search results, click, and then “land” on. Producing more relevant, high-quality content means taking up more “real estate,” and raising the profile of your site in Google’s eyes.

Also, more landing pages means more eyes on your site. Having as many posts as possible that are relevant to your industry and target audience makes it easier for potential customers to find your site. Blogging regularly over a long period of time allows you to accumulate a wealth of information on your area of expertise. Anyone Googling a topic you have posted about has a greater chance of finding you simply by virtue of you having posted about it. Again, landing pages are key. They expand the range of keywords that can lead someone to your site.

Properly weaving keywords and links throughout your site makes it more appealing to search engine crawlers. Business blogging provides a structure for injecting these life-giving elements into an otherwise static (and aging) website.

Secondly, in an age where storytelling is as important to marketing as ever, business blogging is among the very best ways to let your potential customers know who you are. It’s a platform for sharing entertaining stories, and your company’s message. It’s a way to build your audience and give them something to share.

Blogging is an art form. It can be beautiful. Jemully’s philosophy for content marketing is to inspire, entertain and educate. Get noticed and give your followers something to post on their Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and Instagram accounts. If you’re offering content that users deem valuable and worthy of posting on their social media networks, all that sharing will goose your SEO as well.

For blogging tips, our own bloggers regularly post tips and tricks for business blogging in the Jemully Post.

Contact Jemully Media today, to see how Business Blogging can help your business!

Key Points:

  • Professional writers will craft your message
  • Educational, informative, entertaining
  • Blogging aides in SEO
  • Blogs can be repurposed for social media and newsletters
  • Unique content is key for differentiating your site
  • Build a relationship with potential customers
  • Static, unchanging sites are not compelling
  • A blog allows you to answer questions of clients in a professional capacity
  • Blogs can enhance your reputation, establish you as an authority in your field and build trusted relationships
  • Blog posts create a written record of authentic thought leadership and opinion
  • Blogs enable you to amplify and extend your networking with clients, prospective clients, and referrals
  • Blogs can also serve as intelligent listening tools that provide you with an increased lead generation opportunities
  • The best blogs engage readers and project the authentic personal voice of the author
  • Blogs dramatically expand your digital footprint

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