Top hashtags for business (2015)

It’s beneficial to be aware of–and use–the top hashtags in your field of business. Don’t underestimate the payoff for also using mainstream top hashtags, such as the ones listed below. They expand your audience immediately, and show authenticity. Posting relatable content goes far in building brand identity and trust, so why not post it where everyone will see it?

There are a few ways to use hashtags:

  1. Create an original hashtag relevant to your marketing strategy. Post and share.
  2. Use trending hashtags to join in on current events/topics (relevant to your business in some way).
  3. Join the conversations! Use themed top hashtags in your posts, like #TBT or #photooftheday.

Why not do all three? Each has its benefits; each should increase your exposure.

Posts that use hashtags get 50% more engagement than posts without.

The next logical question is, “How many hashtags should I use?” Check it:

Tweets and Facebook posts do better with one or two hashtags, while Instagram posts do best with 11 or more! (source)

So, be selective in hashtag usage on Twitter and Facebook, and use liberally on Instagram. Simply being aware of top hashtags makes it easy and natural to use them without your posts sounding contrived.

NOTE: Posting for every top hashtag or adding unrelated trending hashtags to a post in an effort to drive your marketing is a) annoying and bound to backfire, and b) will get your posts deleted if/when you are caught.


Top Hashtags – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

These are some of the most popular hashtags across the board. Using some of these hashtags is a good place to start to gain some exposure and get the feel of hashtags. We recommend that businesses use these here and there, as these hashtags cast a wide net.

Some businesses hesitate to use these since there is a plethora of unprofessional material attached to these hashtags. You might consider that to be a bad thing, or you might look at it from this perspective: your classy post will stand high and loud above the chaff. If you need eyes–and lots of them–on your brand, this is a great way to get them.

1) #love, #instagood, #instacool, #instalike

This category is wide open to anything–art, memes, quotes–anything you #love! Post the beautiful, the inspirational, all the warm feelings.

2) #me, #selfie

Every #selfie includes #me, but not every #me is a #selfie. Got it?

3) #photooftheday, #picoftheday #instadaily

Another photo post, these all capture both daily life happenings and/or a photo that you find amazing or extraordinary in some way.

4) #happy, #beautiful, #cute

Like I said, casting a wide net, here. For Instagram, using 11 hashtags that mean almost the same thing can be beneficial. For Twitter and Facebook, be choosy!

5) #news

#news posts cover everything from world wide news to local news stories, sports, movie trailers, health, and more.

6) #health

Whether it’s official news or a blog topic, add the hashtag and anyone browsing for health posts will see it.


You can also use the following top hashtags for days of the week. No need to post everyday or every week, but know them so when you pull up a snapshot from the days you first opened your business you can proudly #TBT.


top hashtags


Ultimately, shifting your marketing efforts toward social media (if you haven’t already) means forming a social media strategy. This should include an original hashtag, for one, and might mean several hashtags over time. You can form a social media campaign on your own or jump into one, like we discuss in this article: What Makes the Best Social Media Campaigns Great.

CAUTION: Check the meaning and intention of any and every hashtag you attach to your brand. Overlooking this step has caused businesses some major grief and bad press.

So, consider using some of these unspecific top hashtags along with industry-specific ones to grow your following and increase your exposure exponentially.

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