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Tips on How to Plan an Enjoyable Business Trip

Business trips don’t have to be boring and stiff! Here are our top tips on how to plan an enjoyable business trip so you come home refreshed.
by Jordan Fuller
What comes to mind when you think of a business trip? Maybe panic at the airport, late flights, Uber trips, and not being able to enjoy yourself at all because work beckons.

Business trips are notorious for being stressful and boring, but they really don’t have to be! Read through our tips on how to plan an enjoyable business trip so you get to take in a bit of the local culture and relax a little in between the business side of things.


Research Your Destination

To feel more at home in your destination place, research it thoroughly beforehand. Firstly, this will help you become aware of any cultural differences you may need to be aware of.

After all, you don’t want to accidentally offend someone, especially a potential client. Understanding and sticking to local customs will show that you’ve taken the time to get to know them a little more in-depth.

But even if you’re traveling locally, doing your research will help you to figure out what’s nearby to your hotel that you may be interested in doing. You can then put together a bit of an itinerary so you can make the most of your time in between business.


Mix Fun and Relaxation In Your Off-Time

As for making the most of your free time, try to find a mix of fun and relaxation when you’re not doing business things. Your idea of something fun maybe to explore the local area, have a meal somewhere nearby, or partake in an experience that you wouldn’t usually find back home. But don’t forget to relax as well. Find a good mix between being out and about and getting some downtime. Perhaps book a massage or a spa treatment so you can enjoy some pampering without tiring yourself out in the city.


Book a spa treatment on your business trip


Avoid the Conference Room

If you’re going to be meeting to do business (and it’s appropriate for you to do so), suggest meeting at a place other than the boardroom or conference room. The golf course is a popular spot for doing business. If you’re a golfer (and so is your client), it could be a good place to meet. But if you’re not, you don’t need to find the nearest fairway to you in order to get out of the office. 

Suggest meeting at the beach, a nearby coffee shop, or a nice restaurant where you can treat your client to lunch.

Sometimes, getting out of the office makes for easier, more flowing conversation and more relaxed interactions. It could also be a good opportunity for you to ask your client about the local area or get their recommendations for what to do while you’re there.


Book an Extra Day

There’s no need to rush off immediately after your meeting. Instead of trying to rush back to the hotel, pack your stuff, and get to the airport in time to get home and back to work the next day… See if you can extend your trip by a day and leave the following day.
This will give you some time to rest, collect your thoughts and put some notes together after your meeting, maybe get in another round of golf… And make sure you get a good night’s rest before you have to head back.
Use the time to relax or have some fun, whatever you feel like. There’s no need to be uptight and business-like the whole trip… Let your hair down, have some fun, and take some time for yourself!

Bonus Tip: Book With Your Own Credit Card 

If your company allows it, book your flights and spend on other business-related things on your personal credit card and claim it back later.

This will help you to build up those frequent flier points much faster on your own card, getting you a few steps closer to your next vacation trip!



Understanding how to plan an enjoyable business trip could change your view of business travel! You don’t need to roll your eyes and die a little inside next time your boss informs you that you have to make a trip. Incorporate these tips and you could be getting the best of both worlds – business and leisure!
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