With Its New Website Launched, Abilene Beauty Bus is Going Places

 At Jemully Media we recently had the privilege of designing a new website for Dr. Sara Trammell of Abilene, Texas, the owner and originator of Abilene Beauty Bus. This novel creation of hers is a rolling clinic specializing in aesthetic medicine. You’ve heard of botox parties? Abilene Beauty Bus is a botox party on wheels. But it is much more.

The Bus

When you hear the word “bus,” you might envision an urban people-mover or a big yellow school bus filled with kids. Not so here. This is no ordinary bus. In her uber-cute converted Airstream, Dr. Sara hosts you and your friends in fun-filled occasions that include favorite snacks and drinks as well. 

More than Injectables

Besides the ever-popular botox, Dr. Sara offers injectables such as Juvaderm, Restylane, and Kybella. She performs laser treatments for smile lines. 

Dr. Sara, who believes great skin is the basis for all other cosmetic enhancements and procedures, carries Jan Marini, a clinical-grade skin care line that has rejuvenates and enhances all skin types.

The bus was itself a “beautification” project. Enlisting the participation of her husband, Dr. Talmadge Trammell (also a practicing physician in Abilene), the couple purchased an Airstream Argosy travel trailer. Talmadge rolled up his sleeves, gutted the unit, remodeled it, and with Sara’s help transformed it into a “beauty bus.” Now it serves groups of five to 15 people.

The Bus Station

The beauty services provided by Dr. Sara do not end at the bus itself. She also has an office that she calls the “Bus Station.” In the office clients can receive a wide array of laser treatments ranging from facial services to fat and cellulite reduction. She smooths out skin and body, surrounded by perky retro decor and sleek, contoured lines.  Check out her site for details about the laser services and treatments.

I started this business to help people feel beautiful and confident in the body that they have been given. It is by God’s grace that we all age, but I hope to help you do that gracefully and confidently.” – Dr. Sara Trammell

Dr. Sara Trammel, Owner, Abilene Beauty Bus

Jemully Media’s Role

Dr. Sara came to Jemully last year and shared her innovative idea with us – to use an Airstream as a botox treatment facility for small groups in and around the Big Country. Says Jemully Media owner Kit Mullins: “Our job was to create a website that captured and communicated a combination of Dr. Sara’s enthusiasm for the services she provides and blend it with her professional expertise and experience.

“The site our development team delivered is bright and cheerful, like Dr. Sara. It is also filled with helpful information that guides a person through the various services Dr. Sara provides and conveniently lets you book your services with the click of a button.”

The Abilene Beauty Bus

From the Developer’s Desk

We asked Dave Hauger, lead web developer at Jemully, what were some of the features of the ABB website that stand out. Dave cited five:

  1. Users can quickly find the information they are looking for – content is laid out in a simple way and pleasing to look at.
  2. The content is accessible – visitors don’t have to sift through pages of text to learn about or understand the products and services Dr. Trammel offers.
  3. Signing up for a bus party is super easy, with an online form available for initiating one’s request.
  4. The pastel color scheme is very soothing.
  5. Overall, the site has an adventurous feel, like going on an outing. An outing that can end with a whole new you!

Take a look around Sara’s beautiful new site at AbileneBeautyBus.com or visit her on her Facebook page at facebook.com/abilenebeautybus. And use the contact form to let her know what you think! 

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