Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has long been seen as a game web administrators play against search engines such as Google and Bing. Because organic search rankings are at stake (a prize worthy of competition), gamesmanship has always been part of the equation. In the past, this gamesmanship has led to questionable tactics such as keyword stuffing, and dubious linking practices. As search engines have evolved, those two practices in particular have become things of the past.

SEO is evolving.

Many of the tricks that may have worked in the past no longer provide any benefit. On one hand, the game is still on (remember the stakes!). On the other hand, there are no quick fixes. No gimmicks that will rocket you to the top of the rankings and keep you up there for any extended amount of time. Search engines are constantly improving precisely for the purpose of making sure that gimmicky tactics DON’T work. The real key for lasting success in SEO is to provide great, helpful content, earn links from trustworthy sources, and stay attuned to the latest optimization best practices.

Jemully can help your page rank improve.

This is where Jemully Media can help. We can use analytics to help you keep your website optimized long-term. Trying to cheat the system occasionally creates a spike in traffic, but it leaves you vulnerable to search engine-imposed penalties just as often. SEO done right is not a get rich quick scheme, but a system in which you can draw steady traffic and be competitive in the rankings by playing within the rules.

We can help you in many areas including properly deploying your keywords, and optimizing your meta-data. Along with having great content that answers the search queries of the masses, these are the keys to helping people find your website. The importance of earning links from reputable websites cannot be underestimated either. Joining the Jemully Media client network grants you access to links and referrals that most SEO services could never provide.

Keywords and meta-data are often misunderstood. Keywords can be as simple as words found in the text of your website, provided the words also represent what the text is about as a whole. The next level of this process is integrating the keywords into your meta-data. This means including them in the underlying “back-end” of your text. Including them in the URLs of related pages and title tags, etc. will provide a boost (again, this is provided that the keywords being used match the page in question.)

SEO is a game of trial-and-error, and fine adjustments. Your best keywords, along with the search habits of web users will change over time. SEO takes work in keeping up with these subtle changes and updating your content accordingly. If you can’t spare the time and attention needed to stay at the top of your SEO game, this where Jemully Media can help you take up that slack.

Key Points:

  • Search engines exist to help people find answers to their queries. Good SEO helps the search engines provide satisfactory answers to these queries.
  • Sites poor or lacking in SEO tend to be marginalized by search engines.
  • Keywords and other meta-data are signals to search engines that your content might hold proper answers to certain queries.
  • Good SEO, and an easily navigable website, suggest to search engines that your site is sophisticated and will provide satisfactory answers to search queries.
  • The only way to consistently rank well with search engines is to demonstrate that you are among the best options web users have of finding their desired answers.
  • SEO requires frequent revisiting to stay on top of search trends and the evolution of search engines.

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