Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has emerged as a highly efficient and targetable marketing strategy. Gone are the days of buying a TV spot and throwing away half of your ad budget by casting too wide a net. The number of social media users opting into receiving your messages through various platforms is mind-boggling, it has never been as easy to specifically target your audience (while ignoring your non-buyers) as is it right now.

The beauty of PPC advertising is being able to change the scale of your campaign on the fly. You set your budget, then adjust and refine as you go. The analytics provided by these platforms inform which keywords are providing the best returns, and exactly where your ads are showing up in relation to competing ads. This handy data allows you to strategically increase spending on profitable keywords, or drop ineffective keywords altogether.

Jemully is part of Google’s partner network. This means that we work directly with Google in managing ad campaigns. Working with us means working with Google, and a network of professionals who succeed when you succeed. We will manage your ad campaign and select the PPC advertising platforms that will work best for your particular purpose. Google and Facebook are the most popular, though PPC is offered on other platforms as well. PPC is specifically designed to drive traffic to your site and, in conjunction with strong content, SEO, and calls to action, will give you more opportunities to convert customers.

Keys Points:

  • Jemully is part of Google’s partner network
  • Working with us means working with a network of people who want to see you succeed
  • Expert Google AdWords consultations are available
  • PPC analytics allow us to systematically identify the proper key words and target audience
  • Facebook and Google are the most popular platforms
  • Facebook PPC to targeting by interest, geography, etc.
  • Jemully will find the PPC platforms that work best for your needs

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