8 Ways to Make Pinterest Trends Work For Your Business

trending pinterest pin about apple cider sangria

Pinterest is more than a hangout for young adults to post images of their favorite Coach purses and their best-loved apple cider sangria recipes. (But hey – you’ve gotta check this recipe out anyway!)

Pinterest is a social media platform that has been popular for a while now. All of us have seen it, most of us have used it. But did you know that Pinterest can be a powerful tool for your business? Yes, friends, you heard that right! Pinterest is more than a hangout for young adults to post images of their favorite Coach purses and their best-loved apple cider sangria recipes. (Although in their defense, it’s a really tasty recipe – we’ve linked to the recipe at the right!) If you didn’t get the memo, here it is, folks:

This is not your daughter’s Pinterest!

Pinterest is an incredible asset. Used in the right way, it quickly turns from cutesy to clutch, propelling your business from the sidelines into the key player it deserves to be. So hold on to your hats, grab your notepads and get ready to learn how this effective tool can work for you.


To begin, it’s important to note that Pinterest has an easily-accessed feature that allows you to see what’s currently trending on Pinterest. Trending simply signifies a topic, image, person or place that is presently generating popular interest and much discussion.

How to Access the Trending Feature in Pinterest

How to Access the Trending Feature in Pinterest

To access the “Trending” feature on your Pinterest account, follow these steps:

Locate the search menu at the top of your screen. Next to it will be a red box with white lines. Click it. Find the item “popular” in the pull down list, and click. Easy Peasy! This will display an entire feed of pins that are currently popular and trending. These trends can greatly empower your business in drastic ways. According to entrepreneur.compins related to trending topics see an average of 94% increase in click-throughs! 94%! So get ready to make these trends work for you and your small business.

8 Ways to Use Pinterest Trends for Your Business:


1 . Use Keywords

Whenever possible, incorporate a few keywords of trending topics when you pin to your page. Doing so will reach a broader audience and lead to greater exposure. Just don’t get spammy with it. The more on-target you are with your keywords, the more people it will reach. Reaching more people means gaining more followers. More followers means mo’ money — mo’ money — mo’ money!


2. Follow Trending People and Places

You may be wondering why your real-estate company or small Italian restaurant should follow Emma RobertsFollowing trending or high-profile people exposes you to the huge number of followers high-profilers generally accumulate. This increases the likelihood that these individuals to begin to follow you as well. Gaining greater exposure to a larger audience following can produce unexpected and pleasant results! Remember, this will also work with trending places and locations.

3. Now Trending… Pins Related to Holidays and Seasons!

Thousands of pinners seek and pin items related to holidays and seasons. Your business should do the seasonal postingsame! Do this strategically. Create boards relating to holidays and seasons 6-8 weeks BEFORE the trending season is upon us. Deploying this method now would mean you’ve already started boards Thanksgiving and even have even begun adding a few items to a Christmas board. Think of it like window shopping. Your page is the equivalent to a window display in a store. Everyone is walking by. What do you want them to see? Think of your boards with photographs of items you might see if you walked into any Walmart or Target –items celebrating the upcoming season! Candy corn. Costumes. Pumpkins. Wreaths full of fall colors and leaves. Maybe even a “Be Thankful” sign or two in anticipation for Thanksgiving. Stores don’t roll out holiday items, specials or promotions the week or days leading up the coming season or holiday. You shouldn’t either! So stay current! Prepare for the months ahead.

To stay current as a business, think ahead strategically and market your boards to the NEXT season! Now you’re ready for success!


4. Pin During Trending Time Periods.

Trending time periods are the hours during the day when Pinterest experiences the most traffic. Adding to your page during these time frames ensures greater exposure. Pinerly.com tells us that the best times to pin during the day are from 2:00-4:00 PM and from 8:00 PM- 1:00 AM during the evening.


5. Create Cover Boards with Trending Images

Your cover boards visually represent each board you create. When you create a board, an image will default as the cover, but you can change it, and even change it according to pinterest trends. Including trending images will bring more traffic to your specific Pinterest page. When someone pins your image, Pinterest will suggest your board to the pinner. A trending image as the cover photo is more likely to draw attention to your board and your Pinterest account and thus, to your business.


6. Following Trends Allows You to Tap Into the Lifestyle and Interests of your Target Clientele

You may be thinking this sounds good, but are wondering if it is for your business. What if you’re a dental office or an engineering firm? Fishtail braid tutorials and trending topics like “4 Lovely Lavender Wedding Ideas” may not directly apply to you. So what now? Be creative. Find clever strategies to merge some of the crazy trends onto your business page in a way that makes sense and is engaging for your target audience. Here are some ideas for ways to creatively tap into trending topics while keeping it relevant.

Business: Dental Office

Trending topic: Recipes

Solution: Find recipes that won’t damage teeth. Locate some dessert options that are sugar free or that use sugar alternatives which will cut back on tooth decay.

Business: Engineering Firm

Trend: Statement Jewelry and Statement Necklaces

Solution: Go behind the scenes of your business and photograph office workers wearing these specifically trending items. Title the board something like “Engineering with Style.” Though the jewelry itself doesn’t specifically pertain to your business, adding trending items will get pinners to your page. After pinning your image, they can explore other boards you have created that promote the purpose and objectives of your business.

Using these creative techniques shows why your business is awesome. Mixing in these fun and trendy boards with your informative/business-related boards allows clients and potential clients a glimpse into the personality of your business. This is part of branding, which is a huge factor in marketing. Read more about what makes the best social media campaigns great.



Pricing trend and place pin trend in pinterest for business

Using place pins showcases your company’s location and contact information.

7. The Pricing Trend and Place Pin Trend

Aimclearblog.com tells us that Pinterest pins that include price points have 36% more likes. This is especially important if you have a product-based business! Try incorporating some pricing on items or specials. You will create a much higher traffic volume! Another Pinterest trend is using the place pin. Place pins are regular pins that include maps. Using place pins showcases your company’s location and contact information (you can also indicate multiple locations if you have them). Giving consumers easy access to this information, along with your hours, pricing, products or specials makes it that much easier for them to hit up your stores in person. It also sends the message to your customers that you keep up to date with social media and internet trends. In other words, you’ve got your stuff together, and the consumers see that. It builds trust for your brand, and trust creates loyalty.


8. Gain Info on What’s Trending for Your Business

Now you know how trending topics across the entire Pinterest network can really boost your business. What if you would like to know what’s trending for your specific Pinterest page? Wouldn’t you like to know how many followers you’re receiving per board? What images are getting the most repins? Additionally, it might be nice to know if anyone is pinning anything directly from your business’s web page. Finding the answer to each of these questions is way easier than you may think! Follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into your Pinterest account
  2. Go to analytics.pinterest.com

That’s it! Now you can access all the stats about your specific Pinterest account. Doing this lets you see what’s working and what’s not working. It also allows you to adjust or rearrange pins and boards to increase traffic.

Bonus Track: Take a Tip from Target.

B11Target has started using Pinterest in a brilliant way. Walking down their aisles you may start to find small tags with the Pinterest logo next to price tags. The tags say, “One of target.com’s most pinned items,” indicating that product is trending on their Pinterest site.  This is an excellent marketing tool! It adds exposure for your Pinterest account, gives buyers insight into the popular styles in your particular market and hey, YOUR store is carrying the highly desired item! Now you can do this too!

  • Using the URL listed above (analytics.pinterest.com), find your trending products or images.
  • Download our free Top Pin Pinterest tag we created for you! Print it on heavy paper or card stock and you’re set!
  • Print, print, print!
  • Physically locate the trending items in your store.
  • Frame, glue, tape, rope, lasso, stitch, velcro or whatever you need to do to place this puppy next to your hottest items.
  • Watch the magic happen and the pins pile up!

BOOM. A knowledge bomb has now exploded on your business! Pin strategically for your business by researching trending topics and your trending pins, so you can increase your business’ exposure, bolster your company’s reach, and establish community around your brand. So get out there and engage!

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