Christmas According to Jemully

Across the United States, each of us are on the official countdown to Christmas or whichever holiday you celebrate. Months have turned to weeks and weeks are quickly turning to days. Soon the big day will be here! If you’re ready for it, go on and putcha hands up!

Christmas, a day that still brings out the little kid in us, is also a time for reflection. Though the holiday season is very much about giving, it is just as equally about sharing.

So we here at Jemully Media want to share with you what we love about the Christmas season!



bethany morgan, jemully mediaBethany Morgan

Reputation Management Specialist

Bethany’s favorite holiday quote:

My favorite holiday quote comes from my favorite Christmas song:

“And so, I’m offering this
Simple phrase to kids from
One to ninety-two
Altho’ it’s been said
many times many ways
‘Merry Christmas to you'”


Bethany’s thoughts about the holidays:

christmas quote

I personally love lists, order, and the feeling of familiarity. Change is not a concept I accept lightly. However, throughout the year we all go through hardships and transitions that bring change to our lives. Some lead to beautiful differences, but still, change they are. Christmastime, however, brings me the wonderful feeling of tradition. Even when our own practices have changed because of loss or hardships, the same beautiful choruses can be heard and the same hopeful light shines through even the eyes of strangers.

Christmas is a season full of hope and tradition, and it brings me joy even when I’ve had a year full of change. Twinkle lights, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” old movies with my grandpa, creating candies with mom, the smell of baking bread, the lit trees in each window, even the smallest of Christmas traditions can bring me joy in the holiday season. So this year, I am thankful that some things never change.


Colleen Crawford, jemully mediaColleen Crawford

Account Executive

Colleen’s favorite holiday quote:

I love watching the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” at Christmastime and my favorite character is the angel Clarence, who says to George, “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”

Colleen’s thoughts about the holidays:
I loved the holidays when I was young. Money was always tight, but my parents always made things so special for my brother and me. We received some regular gifts, but the best ones were the homemade gifts. One year my mom and brother made a whole play kitchen for me out of cardboard boxes and contact paper–it was incredible!  Another year, my mom and dad made tunnels out of paper mâché for my brother’s train set and painted wooden store fronts and buildings as well.

We always watched White Christmas, The Bishop’s Wife, and It’s a Wonderful Life and had fudge and these incredible cut-out cookies with hot chocolate. Sweet memories!



Dianne green, jemully mediaDianne Green

Marketing Coach

Dianne’s favorite holiday quote:

When I’m worried and I can’t sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep
And I fall asleep counting my blessings

-from “White Christmas”

Dianne’s thoughts about the holidays:

I love so many of the Christmas stories. I love old classic movies like White Christmas, It Happened on 5th Avenue, It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, Holiday Inn, and You’ve Got Mail.


Jesse Mullins, jemully mediaJesse Mullins

Co-Owner, Twitter Specialist 

Jesse’s favorite holiday quote:

christmas quote

I have two favorite holiday quotes. The first comes from Calvin Coolidge:

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.”

The other is from Soren Kierkegaard:

“Although the scribes could say where the Messiah should be born, they remained quite unperturbed in Jerusalem. They did not accompany the Wise Men to seek him. Similarly one may know the whole of Christianity, yet make no movement. What a difference! The three kings had only a rumor to go by. But it moved them to make that long journey. The scribes were much better informed. They sat and studied the Scriptures like so many scholars, but it did not make them move. Who had more truth? The three kings who followed a rumor, or the scribes who remained sitting with all their knowledge? What a vexation it must have been for the kings, that the scribes who gave them the news remained quiet in Jerusalem! We are being mocked, the kings might have thought. For indeed it is serious self-contradiction that the scribes had the knowledge and yet remained still. It is just as serious as if a person knows about Christianity, and his own life expresses the opposite. We are tempted to suppose that he wishes to fool us, unless we admit that he is only fooling himself.”
Jesse’s thoughts about the holidays:

I love having a fire going in the fireplace during the holiday season–that always seems to set the mood better than anything. And I always have to watch at least one of the Christmas cinematic classics: White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, etc. Christmas is also a time to think about our blessings. I’m most thankful for: health of myself and family members, freedom we have in this land we live in, and of course our spiritual blessings.


kit mullins, jemully mediaKit Mullins

Founder, CEO

Kit’s favorite holiday quote:

Of all the wonderful holiday quotes that I can remember, the list includes many words that are poignant, nostalgic, and heartwarming. But my favorite quote is one that is written on an ornament that my sister-in-law gave me several years ago. I leave the ornament up year ’round, hanging on my wall like a mini plaque. I leave it out even when it is not the Christmas season because in my family, we are always inventing some kind of “holiday” so we will have a reason to get together and celebrate. Plus we usually need the encouraging reminder to act right!

christmas quote

Kit’s thoughts about the holidays:
There are so many things I love about the holidays! Here are just a few things I am most looking forward to this season:


  • Poof – cake batter served in small dishes–like pudding. When baking a cake, no one ever got his or her fill of licking the spoon! So, we fixed that problem and just serve the whole bowl of batter as a holiday dessert.
  • Pitch – my favorite card game! Our family has been playing this for four generations. It is a strategy/partner game a little like Spades.
  • Hand and Foot – my second favorite card game! Our family has been playing the canasta-like game for three generations and now we are teaching it to the next one!
  • Presents – like everyone, I enjoy getting the gifts, but the thing I enjoy most is watching people open the gifts we bought for them.
  • Precious memories: 
    • Old memory – When I was a little girl, we would travel from Houston to my grandparents’ house in Merkel, Texas for Christmas. One of my favorite memories is laying in my grandparents’ bed late at night and listening to the comforting sound of the grownups’ conversation and laughter in the distant room. I knew they were happy to be together and I would fall asleep feeling safe, and happy, and secure.
    • Old memory – I remember the year I found out there was no Santa Claus. I woke up in the bedroom of my grandparents’ house and walked into the living room to find my older sister with the grownups, setting up the “Santa Claus” toys for me under the tree. It was one of my best Christmases ever! Why? Because I got a jump on the gift getting! I got to play with my Christmas gifts hours ahead of all those other kids who were still asleep around the world and had to wait until morning!
    • Old and new memory – My family has always enjoyed cooking together for holiday meals. From cooking with my grandmother, my mom and sister, my kids, and now my grandkids, making our favorite candies and treats together is a fun time filled with laughter and song. Two of the treats my daughters and I are often asked to make are recipes that came from my mom–English toffee and lachopes (chocolate, peanut butter, and oatmeal candies).
    • New memory – One of the warmest treats for me is putting up the Christmas tree that is decorated with the handmade ornaments we have received from our grandkids. Then, at Christmas, it is a joy to open the new ornaments they have crafted for the tree this year. 


meredith whiten, jemully mediaMeredith Whiten

Writer, Social Media Manager, Pinterest Specialist

Meredith’s favorite holiday quote:

“We’re simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime

The word is out
About the town
To lift a glass
Ah don’t look down

Simply having a wonderful Christmastime”
-Paul McCartney

Meredith’s thoughts about the holidays:

Christmas is about opening our hearts, facing fears, and starting all over again. As the year draws to a close, I like to take the time to reflect on the past year. Most people do this on New Years, but the New Year is typically draped in so much celebration, it’s hard to find time to really pause and reflect. I like to take the time to do this right at Christmas, with the year dwindling down to only 7 more days, surrounded by friends and family. And since Christmas is a religious time as well, it provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on my spirituality and on all the immense blessings that have been provided to me. For me, Christmas is a time of surrender. I definitely enjoy Christmas in the more traditional sense as well, spending time with my loved ones and gorging myself on English toffee (!!!), but through the years it’s also become a time of bestowing upon myself the gift of inner peace.



riley nipper, jemully mediaRiley Nipper

Web Developer

Riley’s favorite holiday quote:


Riley’s thoughts about the holidays:
Who doesn’t love black Friday, small business Saturday, and cyber Monday! People fighting over cheap deals and winning!





tahj mayes, jemully mediaTahj Mayes

Writer, Editor

Tahj’s favorite holiday quote:

My favorite holiday quote is from the song, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

“Through the years we all will be together,
if the fates allow.”


Tahj’s thoughts about the holidays:

christmas quote, tahj mayes

What I love most about the holidays: the warmth of being together, laughing, watching movies, and being merry. But even the quote from my favorite Christmas song acknowledges that not every Christmas is idyllic. There are years we can’t gather. There are years when merry is wreathed in grief. Draping twinkly lights over our houses and the dry, dead landscapes is so beautiful–our refusal to, year after year, accept only the cold, the dying, the darkness, and to remind each other of the twinkling magic of hope. And also, I love when the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes. I believe that happens in real life. Not always in December, but when it does, it feels like Christmas.


tony burke, jemully mediaTony Burke

Writer, Website Project Manager

Tony’s favorite holiday quote:

“You’ll shoot your eye out!”

Tony’s thoughts about the holidays:

Even though Texas has hardly any leafy trees, and gets hardly any snow, these kinds of winter-signifying aesthetic changes will always be meaningful to me. Making cutout cookies is an important job this time of year. We have a special family recipe. Homemade icing too. For me, the sound of Christmastime is Vanessa Williams’ Star Bright album from 1996. I have it on heavy rotation and it’s my favorite Christmas CD.


What does Christmas or the holiday season mean to you? To us, Christmas is about both giving and sharing our blessings. It is a time for renewal and reflection. It is about love, peace and starting over again through renewed hope and faith. The holidays are about family, and it is a time to reflect on the significant events experienced throughout the year, both good and the bad, that have molded us and prepared us for the journey ahead.

As you and yours gather this season, and as your own time of reflection and renewal begins, we hope you are blessed in abundance. From all of us here at Jemully Media, be merry and be bright!

merry christmas from jemully media

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