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Interior Design Trends 2016

With 2015 behind us, the question on everyone’s mind is “What’s next?” As we look ahead with design in mind, we’re certain that 2016 is the year we’ll talk about for years down the line in reflection of the freshest style. From the most tantalizing textiles to fabulous fixed kitchens, here are 8 interior design trends that have made a splash and are sure to stay as 2016 continues to unfold.

Interior Design Trends 2016

  1. Goodbye Family Room, Hello “Glamily” Room

Think you have to compromise your style because you have kids or pets? Think again. 2016 is the year you can have your cake and (literally) eat it, too (while still releasing your fierce inner fashionista). This year is all about having the best of both worlds by opting for hard working, sustainable fabrics and furniture that still screams haute couture.


glamily room - interior design trends 2016

2. Make a Statement in 2016

Chandeliers are so 2015. Transition into the new year by substituting your statement chandelier for a statement pendant.

pendant - interior design trends 2016 pendant 1 - interior design trends 2016

3. Mix and Match gets a Metallic Makeover

This year, mixing metallics is the only way to go. While we’re still gaga for gold, it looks like gold has brought along its other shiny friends to play and no one is complaining! It doesn’t get any richer than pairing platinum, gold, copper, and steel together in one space. So go on! Get your metallic on! And don’t be afraid to mix ’em up!

mixed metallic silverware - interior design trends 2016

mixed metals - interior design trends 2016

4. Get Friendly with Fabric

Long gone are the days where we’re afraid of our childhood homes lined with awful 1980’s patterned fabric and wallpaper. 2016 is the year we finally realized how beautiful both of these elements can be when integrated tastefully. There’s no room for holding back this year so embrace the challenge and see just how awesome fabric wall art can be.

fabric wall art - interior design trends 2016

wall_art_ interior design trends 2016

5. (Don’t) Save the Drama for Your Mama!

2016 is focusing on color drama! Bold color combinations are used to make a statement and also to create fluid movement from room to room. The trick? Finding a bold shade of color that you can inject from room to room in order to create visual harmony.

color drama - interior design trends 2016

color drama - interior design trends 2016

6. Go Contrast Crazy

Mix things up a bit and play with different textures in the home. 2016 rules that the more contrast you find in your textures the better. Adding multiple layers of different tactile elements will bring automatic depth while still keeping things cozy and comfortable. Harness the power of textiles this year by creating a sense of warmth and interest that’s purely unique to you and your home.

Not sure where to start? Try mixing velvet with faux fur or faux fur with wool.

interior design trends 2016

design trends 2016

7. From the Windows to the Wall(paper)

Wallpaper is back and it is here to stay! Instead of draping each wall with wallpaper, this year’s trend is to choose one wall to be the focus of the room and then line it with metallic wallpaper. This adds a touch of warmth and richness while adding a punch of style.

mettalic wall paper - interior design trends 2016

metallic wall paper - interior design trends 2016

Grab 2016 with both hands and don’t look back. This is your year. And whether your style is minimalist, contemporary, rustic, retro, or traditional, the interior design trends for 2016 are geared towards turning your home into a tasteful abode with definitive style.

Make it your own. 

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