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Good business blogging keeps a company top-of-mind for customers. Keeping your website flush with fresh content gives your audience a reason to keep coming back to your site, whether they need your products or services in that exact moment or not. Business blogging, also known as content marketing, informs potential new customers about your offerings and engages your existing customers in a way that encourages brand loyalty.

Good blogging establishes you as an expert and a thought-leader, and stimulates interaction with your audience.

It also has the happy side-effect of benefiting your SEO. Turn your digital blank pages over to Jemully Media’s content marketing studio and we will tell your story. An active blog is a high-mileage asset for content marketing and social media, as articles can and should be re-purposed in your email marketing, used as lead generation tools, and shared across all your social media properties.

Why do we recommend a business blog?

Starting a company blog helps you accomplish three main things: SEO, storytelling, and shareable content.

1 –  Blogs greatly benefit your SEO.

Search engine crawlers index all the pages and links in your site on a regular basis. This indexing process allows the search engine to provide ranked results to search engine users. Ranking highly on those results pages is obviously better than being buried on the third page.

Blogging aides your SEO efforts in two key ways. Blog posts serve as landing pages, which show up in Google search results for searchers to click on. Producing more relevant, high-quality content means taking up more “real estate,” and raising the profile of your site in Google’s eyes.

Also, more landing pages means more eyes on your site. Having as many posts as possible that are relevant to your industry and target audience makes it easier for potential customers to find your site. Blogging regularly over a long period of time allows you to accumulate a wealth of information on your area of expertise. Anyone Googling a topic you have posted about has a greater chance of finding you simply by virtue of you having posted about it. Landing pages expand the range of keywords that can lead someone to your site.

Properly weaving keywords and links throughout your site makes it more appealing to search engine crawlers. Business blogging provides a structure for injecting these life-giving elements into an otherwise static (and always aging) website.

2 – Storytelling is an engaging and important form of marketing.

In an age where storytelling is as important to marketing as ever, business blogging is among the very best ways to let your potential customers know who you are. It’s a platform for sharing entertaining stories, and your company’s message. It’s a way to show that you are a leader in your industry and give your audience something interesting to share.

3 – Blogging provides shareable content for your brand.

Blogging can be artful and even beautiful. Jemully’s philosophy for content marketing is to inspire, entertain and educate. Having a strong blog provides you with a source of social media content and gives your followers something to post on their Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn Company Pages, Pinterest boards, and Instagram accounts. When you incorporate blogging into your website, your social media marketing can be infused with quality content in your company’s voice. Creating and sharing custom-written content is more powerful than curating what others have said. If you’re offering content that users deem valuable and worthy of posting on their social media networks, all that sharing will goose your SEO as well.

For blogging tips, our own bloggers regularly post tips and tricks for business blogging in the Jemully Post.

Contact Jemully Media today, to see how working with a content marketing studio can help your business grow! And check out some of our other services to strengthen your online presence—Web Design and Development and Social Media Management.

Key Points:

  • Professional writers will craft your message
  • Educational, informative, entertaining
  • Writing web content for SEO purposes will improve your performance
  • Blogs can be repurposed for social media and newsletters
  • Unique content is key for differentiating your site
  • Build a relationship with potential customers
  • Static, unchanging sites are not compelling
  • A blog allows you to answer questions of clients in a professional capacity
  • Blogs can enhance your reputation, establish you as an authority in your field and build trusted relationships
  • Blog posts create a written record of authentic thought leadership and opinion
  • Blogs enable you to amplify and extend your networking with clients, prospective clients, and referrals
  • Blogs can also serve as intelligent listening tools that provide you with increased lead generation opportunities
  • The best blogs engage readers and project the authentic personal voice of the author
  • Blogs dramatically expand your digital footprint

Working with Jemully Media means having a team of professional writers with diverse backgrounds at your disposal. We are a content marketing agency and have a successful track record of providing web writing services for content marketing and social media purposes. Contact Jemully today to find out more about what content marketing can do for your business!


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