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6 Kitchen Design Trends 2015

Trends may come and go, but in the home, one thing is for certain: the kitchen is the heart. From party guests and gourmet cuisine to heating cold pizza at midnight, the kitchen is a place of entertainment, a hub for homework, and the central location for family gatherings. As a focal point in the home, we all want it to look its best. Whether looking for a total kitchen re-do or for just a few stylish updates, taking a glimpse into emerging trends can spark inspiration and help sculpt a fresh pallet for your galley.

Get ready to be inspired through innovative ideas, some old ideas re-born and bold choices in these kitchen design trends, 2015!

6 Kitchen Design Trends 2015

1. Black is the New White

What color should you paint those cabinets? White is out and black is back. For 2015, look for black to be a dominant tone for kitchens.

Is black just a little too bold? If you’re ready to embrace the emerging trend but aren’t quite ready to take the full plunge, gray is the second leading shade for culinary living. Transitioning your cabinets from white to gray may not seem quite as scary. If you’re big on drama, though, take a tip from the top designers: go black and bold!

black kitchen

2. Bolder is Better

Cabinets are making a statement this year and they’ve got a lot to say (see above). Designers are reiterating that bolder is better. If bold black isn’t your style, then choose a hue that fits your taste, light or dark, and go big. Bodacious blues to radical reds, no color (or alliteration) seems to be off limits as long as it’s fearless. Saving the drama ain’t just for your mama–it’s the key element in kitchen design trends in 2015. Statement colors draw in the eye and create focal points. Adding zesty flavor to your kitchen decor ensures a modern and upgraded feel, especially when paired with lighter and more neutral tones.

kitchen design trends 2015

3. Ingrain with Wood Grain

Gone are the days when your countertops were limited to just being coated in granite, quartz, or laminate. Wood countertops have become the strongest contender in the countertop game in 2015. If you’re not quite ready to add a full rustic touch to your kitchen, combining wood with marble embraces both trendy and classic all at once.

wood and marble countertop: kitchen design trends 2015

4. It’s All About that Brass

From taps, to sinks, to range hoods, and even basic hardware, brass, gold, copper, and bronze are in. Light fixtures and bar stools included as kitchens across the nation are receiving a touch of warmth and sparkle. If you’re looking for a design trend that’s here to stay, embrace the brass. Metallics in all their various pallets are prominent in this year’s kitchen design trends–and their popularity continues rising. This is a trend that’s going to be around for years to come.

bronze kitchen

5. Furniture-Style Design

A kitchen island that actually looks like a kitchen island? That’s so 2014. Furniture-style cabinetry is one of the top reigning kitchen design trends of 2015 so far. The kitchen is the treasured space of shared meals and shared company, and furniture-style design reminds us that it is much more than a place for cooking.This design celebrates the different elements that come together in this space by creating more than workstations for culinary use–these are also beautiful pieces of furniture.

furniture style: kitchen design trends 2015

6. Go Vertical

Who ever said that kitchen drawers have to be horizontal? 2015 brings a long over-due rule change for the kitchen cabinetry world, and it’s making life a heck-of-a lot easier. On trend are tall drawers built or even hidden inside the nooks and crannies of the kitchen walls. This takes advantage of space that would otherwise be wasted and adds awesome organization for all your pots, pans, baking racks, microwaves, and coffee makers.

Bonus! This style of cabinetry works wonders for tiny home living (also on trend) as well as for hard to store items like spices and cutting boards.

vertical cabs: kitchen design trends 2015

3 Kitchen Design Trends that are DIY!

Want to reno your kitchen but you’re tight on cash? Or maybe you just know a thing or two about tools and like to get things done yourself. Here are 3 kitchen design trends for 2015 that you can DIY.

1. Fake It Til Ya Make It

Faux built in kitchen benches are all the rage. This design trend will add immense space (and storage) as well as character to your kitchen. And they aren’t that difficult for the amateur carpenter.DIY kitchen design trends 2015

2. Count Your Way to Copper

If you love the look of copper hardware in the kitchen but don’t love the price tag of adding in new appliances or furnishings, you can literally create copper countertops, backsplashes, or even flooring accents with pennies. Go ahead, get your metallic on!
penny backsplash: DIY kitchen design trends 2015

3. Concrete Countertops

In lieu of expensive counterop renovation, give your kitchen a dramatic and warm makeover with DIY concrete countertops. Concrete is durablea and can be stained the color of your choice. It’s trendy and practical.
concrete countertops: DIY kitchen design trends 2015

As the central vein of the home, the kitchen deserves a face-lift once in awhile. These trending designs can help coat your walls with the same personality that fills it. Mario Batali reminds us that “the kitchen is the castle itself. It is where our happiest moments are spent and where we find the joy of being family.” So construct your castle and celebrate your family in 2015 and beyond.

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