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5 Website Mistakes Made By Startups

Thinking about getting a website for your new business? Many startups make the same website mistakes and to redo the work is costly.

A strong website will one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal and you should be careful not to jump into things without giving the following issues some serious thought.

5 Website Mistakes made by Startups

1. Not integrating website and business plan

Any business seeking stronger relationships with customers can benefit from having a website. The idea seems to have caught on just fine. That said, the effectiveness of a website will be limited when a business owner simply acquiesces to the times without fully embracing the strategic aspects of having a website.

As a person who makes a living from web work, I think the benefits of a website are plain to see, but a website must still have goals in order to reach its potential. Even if your goals are as simple as moving more product, or gaining lots of traffic in hopes of converting a decent percentage of it, then at least the website has a purpose. A website without a purpose is a labor-intensive billboard at best, and a discouragement to customers at worst.


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