10 Sobering Statistics about Veteran Homelessness

Veteran homelessness is something most of us think wouldn’t happen to us. When enlisting in the armed forces, this isn’t on the minds of the brave men and women offering up their service. But it is an issue and it’s one that we need to continue to be aware of in order to further support for our veterans returning home.

Statistics show that veterans have alarmingly high rates of depression, unemployment, divorce, and substance abuse which yield itself to a high risk for homelessness.

Veteran Homelessness Infographic

veteran homelessness infographic

Despite great advancement made in the last few years, there are still thousands of veterans who remain homeless each night. This is not a challenge Veterans can face on their own. Reach out. And at the very least, thank those who have fought for our freedom; honor their continuing sacrifices.


What can I do?

  • Join your local homelessness coalition.
  • Volunteer with a homeless shelter, transition housing, or veteran support resource.
  • Talk to your elected officials about what is being done to end veteran homelessness and to increase resources geared towards their specific needs.